Magnificent Manta Ray Pendant TPD072

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Swim into the World of the Magnificent Manta Ray - Pendant TPD072

For many native people, manta rays have social predicaments of huge significance, especially for those who are in contact with the sea. The word “manta”, conferred only to these fish, comes from the Spanish or Portuguese term referred to the blanket-like trap, or shawl with which rays are caught. It is a type of Eagle Ray that lives in the tropical and subtropical waters of the world’s oceans. Its wide body is flanked with long wing-like fins that allow it to move gracefully through the water. As notable as the rest of the sea creatures, the Manta Ray has long been appreciated in Celtic culture. While the water represents emotion, the Manta’s capacity to navigate in different depths teaches us how to observe ourselves with a calm composure. It serves as a reminder to not take things in life for granted. Mantas direct us to use our energy and presence to lead the course of our lives and draw what we desire. Above all, if you are doing what your heart tells you, you surely win.

Highly polished and featuring elegant 3D construction, this handcrafted Celtic Manta Ray Sterling Silver Pendant showcases the beauty of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship of DiveSilver Artisans.