White Mermaid Sterling Silver Ring TR3356 - Rings

White Mermaid Sterling Silver Ring TR3356

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Enchanting Goddess Mermaid Under the Sea ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring TR3356

The sea has fascinated us for as long as we can remember. Stories from another shore, rich in fantasy and mystery has kept the endless oceans alive. Once the Celtic bards foretold these magical creatures singing to the Gaels from Iberia as they made their sea voyage to Ireland. There they saw the image of a gorgeous woman who is half-fish, otherwise better-known as a mermaid. Modest, affectionate, gentle, and compassionate.

The mermaid has been known to lure young sailors under the sea where she lives in an enchanted state. Her tinkling voice echoes the calmness of the sea. The eyes were the color of a faraway love. She can be seen on a rock, combing the seaweed out of her long and beautiful hair. Dedicated to her love for the sea, the mermaid continues to inspire the voyagers with her beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. Wrapped with elegance, Peter Stone enchants you with the sterling silver mermaid ring showcasing exquisite detail, wrapping her tail around your finger. Inspiring, yet fascinating - be that part of the Sea!