Dive Flag Sterling Silver Cuff Links CL041
Dive further to your dreams ~ Sterling Silver Dive Flag Cuff links CL041 When scuba diving, the diver down flag is recognized as the iconic red flag with a white diagonal stripe.Yes, divers are in the water.Scuba Diving may be...
Swim Fin Sterling Silver Cuff Links CL021
Swim Fin Sterling Silver Cuff Links CL021 Swim Fins are popular among divers and other water enthusiasts for their ability to cut through the water in a way that human feet cannot. With multi-stroke functionality, your feet will bring you...
Air Tank Sterling Silver Cuff Links CL009
Air Tank Sterling Silver Cuff Links CL009 After centuries of short dives, holding their breath for the  duration of the swim, the air tank followed the dive bell to allow divers underwater for greater periods of time then ever before....
CL007 Manta Ray
CL007 Manta Ray
CL007 Manta Ray For many native people, manta rays have social predicaments of huge significance, especially for those who are in contact with the sea. The word “manta”, conferred only to these fish, comes from the Spanish or Portuguese term referred...
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