Aboriginal Hammerhead Shark Sterling Silver Pendant TPD4908

  • $72.97

Combining the oldest living Art Tradition with our deep sea friends, these unique designs capture and exhibit the legend of the ocean. Hammerhead sharks are known for their highly evolved features and senses that make them uniquely perceptive and efficient hunters of the sea, though rarely aggressive to divers and swimmers.This handcrafted sterling silver hammerhead shark Pendant showcases the beauty of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship of DiveSilver Artisans.

Measure: 1.8" (4.6 cm) W x 1" (2.5 cm) H
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Finished: Hand Polished for Finest Quality. With DiveSilver Logo Laser Engraving on the back.

Measurements are approximate.