Blue Whale Sterling Silver Pendant TPD5404

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Blue Whale Sterling Silver Pendant TPD5404

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Capture the spirit of the Blue whale and empower you with their grace in this Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry. Eternal water giants, the mighty whales are the largest known animals in existence.

With their keen songs and friendly acts to mankind, whales have won the hearts of many.

They are significantly associated with compassion, solitude, and knowledge.

Blue Whales are so pure, gracefully flowing effortlessly through the Sea. They are redeemers, sacred teacher, and transformers. As huge as the whale and their positive traits, we got to have that little inspiration to carry on from them in this DiveSilver by Peter Stone Sea Life Collection.

Makes a perfect gift for any whale lover, be sea-inspired! Be kind…be compassionate. Remain in peace, find your solitude.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Pendant size 31 mm. W x 15 mm. H