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Dive Memory Bead Bracelets TBL374

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Dive Memory Bead Bracelets TBL374

Your memories are personal. Capture your diving and ocean adventures in handcrafted sterling DiveSilver on this Memory Bead Bracelet.

This flexible, Fine Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet fits all standard size beads. Strong with a safe and secure locking bead. Put your favorite beads on this specially designed bracelet.

"DuaLix" system?

Inspired by the helix designs used in the aviation industry but believed to never have been used for jewelry our unique double helix not only adds security to our threading system but also allows bead collectors to use our bracelet for a variety of both threaded and non-threaded beads.

A dive flag is actually a legal requirement for divers in most states, letting other maritime traffic know that there is a diver down. However, it is also a simple symbol of diving itself now. "Going into the ocean is like diving into the history of life on Earth" -Sylvia Earl