Mermaid Wrap Sterling Silver Ring TRI1328

  • $71.97

Seek your imagination with the Sea Mermaid ~ Sterling Silver Wrap Ring TRI1328

In legends and lore, our minds have been captured by the unrivaled mermaids under the sea. They are matrons of enchantment, appealing sailors with their alluring beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. She can be seen on a rock, combing the seaweed out of her long and beautiful hair.

Modest, affectionate, gentle, and compassionate.

Dedicated to her love for the sea, the mermaid continues to inspire the voyagers with her beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. Wrapped with elegance, DiveSilver enchants you with the sterling silver mermaid pendant showcasing exquisite Celtic twist and makes the perfect gift for any mermaid lover. Inspiring, yet fascinating - be that part of the Sea!