Motherhood Mermaid Pendant TPD289

  • $129.00

A Loving Motherhood Mermaid by Selina Fenech ~ Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry TPD289

In a vast and wide sea of blue, I dream of a Mother Mermaid gently holding her child and singing a lullaby. The waves are rushing to the shore. The stars and the moon are watching as the Mother and her child are cherishing this magical moment on warmth and loving connection.

I woke up. I was fascinated.

Motherhood, indeed, is the most precious gift any woman can be inspired by the Motherhood Silver Mermaid Pendant. Dedicated to all Mothers of the world, celebrated artist, Selina Fenech, created an image of a mythical siren carrying her child in a fetal position, her long tail arched over her back allowing all to admire not only the sterling silver jewelry pendant itself but what love and feeling it took to inspire such a design. A certain conversation starter for any room, the love of a mother for her child is undeniably the strongest emotion in the human soul.