Nautilus Silver Pendant TP3106

  • $57.97

Stunned by the Beautiful Spiral ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Nautilus Pendant TP3106

One of the most beautiful sea creatures is the Nautilus, a cephalopod encased in a gorgeous shell, which stunningly shows the best natural example of a logarithmic spiral. Each chamber of the Nautilus follows the Fibonacci sequence with the shape of the shell approximating a Phi spiral, which is considered an important aspect of Sacred Geometry.

In history, the Nautilus Shell depicts symbolism of strength, as the shell can withstand very high pressure. It also symbolizes perfection and beauty, as it has remained unchanged for millions of years.

Enveloping the present reality, a Nautilus Shell encapsulates what we try to achieve in our lives: balance, beauty, consistency and continual growth. We strive to integrate that perfect paradox to create stability by keeping what has always been good and generate change by discovering what needs to improve.