Sand Dollar Gift Box SET028 - Box Sets

Sand Dollar Gift Box SET028

  • $141.97

Unique natural beauty ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Sand Dollar Set SET028

Walking along the seashore, I saw a flower radiating in five petals. Sand dollars! Amazing as it looks, a sand dollar is a breathing bouquet drawn by hundreds of tubular tentacles extending from within the dollar’s shell. Originally a kind of sea urchin, sand dollars have a mythic history. They are believed to symbolize a divine presence on the earth’s creations and the five angels that sang to the wise men on Christ’s birth. Others think they are coins, weathered over time, dropped by the people of Atlantis – or tokens forgotten by mermaids.

With its heavenly symbolism handcrafted in sterling silver jewelry, sand dollars are observed to flow with the ocean. Carried whichever way the tide pleases, they teach us to welcome change, to accept shifting phases in life. We must trust the intricate process; drift through uncertainty, with faith that we’ll wash ashore. The gift box set includes earrings (JE233), pendant (JP026), and 18" chain (CH2360).