The Circling White Shark Sterling Silver Pendant TP2731 - Pendants

The Circling White Shark Sterling Silver Pendant TP2731

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I love the sea and all the creatures within ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Shark Pendant TP2731

What is scarier than an ocean with sharks? An ocean without them. Shark has long been symbolic of being a Terror of the Sea as it is fierce in everything it does. It does not compromise, nor does it second guess its decisions. When Shark decides, everything is all in. He wastes no time in aggressively pursuing what it wants – mainly its prey.

Sharks are vicious predators that live in the deep parts of the oceans. They are well-known for their blood thirsty need to feed from the flesh of other sea creatures, or even people. They are just as magnificent and powerful as they are dangerous symbolized in sterling silver pendant of DiveSilver Jewelry. They serve as a symbol of a good harvest and a representation of surviving ability.

Possibly none of us is willing to be close to a shark somewhere in the ocean, but when we listen to all the symbolism and strength that lies in its core, we just cannot help ourselves but admire these amazing creatures.