Turtle and Waves Toe Sterling Silver Toe Ring TR608

  • $29.97

Sea turtles paddling on their way through the waves ~ Sterling Silver Toe Ring TR608

Some sailed on the ocean because the waves told them a story. Others just need to feel the crashing of the waves in the coastline to be healed. We are, above all, waves on the ocean. When we leave the surface of our thoughts and sail deep into the depths of our consciousness, we realize that we are all connected.

We are all part of the one greater ocean. Our Universe.

Like the wondrous sea turtles paddling through each wave, we share our blessings and potential to the world and not to be defined by any differences or boundaries. We are all special. We are uniquely part of a greater whole. We must live in the present. Launch ourselves on every coming wave. Find our eternity in each moment evidently showcased in the Sea Turtle and Waves Sterling Silver Toe Ring. Sit back and enjoy the emotional scene as the turtles paddle their way through the waves in the shore.